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The Empress Productions LLC is a New York based organization committed to developing high quality theatrical productions and albums. It is our goal to create theater and albums that bring people together for an experience that will last a life time.  All of this while being fiscally responsible to our investors.  The results are theater and albums that change the world paired with an exclusive investment experience.

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Stephanie Rosenberg is a Tony Nominated Broadway Producer and the Executive Producer of the Grammy Award winning album THE COLOR PURPLE.   She has been working in the theater industry since she was 16 years old.  Stephanie began her career as a performer receiving an BFA from Adelphi University where she learned the intricacies of theater as a collaborative art form, and a deeper knowledge of each designer/technicians’s role in creating a show.  She then graduated from The Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre, the world’s premier place to learn THE MEISNER TECHNIQUE  originally founded by Sandy Meisner.  Stephanie then went onto Apprentince at The Williamstown Theater Festival.  

It there she made a great friend who took her to The Commercial Theater Institute’s (CTI) 3 Day Intensive.  This experience sparked something magical for Stephanie.  She attended many of CTI’s one day workshops, as she continued to  study acting with many great teachers including a spending a summer with the Moscow Art Theater at Harvard.

Soon following that experience her career as a producer would begin.  After her mother suffered a car accident in 2008 Stephanie decided to return to the Southern New Jersey area she grew up in, and take care of her mother.  Once her mother began to recover, Stephanie looked for ways to stay a part of the New York theater community she had come to love.  A friend of her’s was an artist in a Broadway Benefit.  Stephanie, immediately called the producer of that benefit and asked if she could do all the adminastrative work from home, if he would teach her about Broadway Producer.  To her excitement, he said yes!

So Stephanie along side of Michael Roderick (Scottsboro Boys), they produced the very first Broadway Meows.  Stephanie then went on to do more performing/producing in the non-profit sector as her mother reached a full recovery.  In 2011, Stephanie suffered a devastating trip and fall, which eliminated her ability to perform.  She once again, had to search out for her place in the New York Theater community.

Serendipitously, Stephanie discovered that the Commercial Theater Institute was excepting applications for it’s 14 Week Program.  That year they were offering 2 extra weeks, so the title was 14 Week + 2 Week Program.  It was weeks later when Stephanie was sitting at her desk that her phone ring.  It was Jed Berstien, then head of CTI, calling to tell her that she was accepted in the program.  Also, she was the FREDRIC B. VOGAL SCHOLAR of the year, and she would receive  a full ride scholarship to the program.  

Stephanie was thrilled.  This was the first major award she had won in the theater industry.  She knew, that she just had to be good at this because Fredric B. Vogal (CTI founder) would be watching.  By the time she was a quarter of the way through the program she was already Associate Producing on her first Broadway Show, GORE VIDAL’S THE BEST MAN (Tony Nominated).  The following year, she would be a guess lecturer at Wharton Business School for a FAP specializing in Broadway.  Her next show, MATILDA would introduce her to Van Dean, of Broadway records, with whom she would begin to Produce many albums.

In 2013 Stephanie founded The Empress Productions LLC, with a commitment to develop high quality theatrical productions and albums.  Our goal is that these productions and albums that will bring people together for an experience that will last a lifetime.  All of this while being fiscally responsible to our’s investors.  Resulting in theater/albums that change the world, paired with an exclusive investment experience.

When someone asked Stephanie what her favorite part of producing is, she replied, it’s at the end of the show.  When everyone is applauding, she will look back and think to herself, “I got to be a little part of everyone’s memory of tonight.  Maybe they’ll look back next week, ten years from now, twenty years from now, and say…Remember when we saw that show in New York for our anniversary/birthday/vacation, that was great!….I get to be a part of making them a happy memory.  That's my little way of changing the world.  Helping people make happy memories.”

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